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"ABC Family may be airing the most important show on television…while Mike’s moment of weakness at the expense of his son’s well being was a disappointment, it delivered an important message without being preachy or melodramatic—that rape is rape, regardless of your gender. And for The Fosters, a series which reaches a predominantly young adult audience, that’s something ABC Family should be proud of." [x]

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The fact that there is a Kimberly / Skull ship.

The worst is when people go “Samurai made KimxSkull canon!!” and I’m just like please. Why. I don’t understand.

I didn’t watch samurai so I’ll pretend…

Lol so people took what an actor said as canon? An actor who’s character had a huge crush on another? An actor who probably shipped his character with that character? Lol… That’s hilarious.



Another fave “reason Paige is an abusive girlfriend” is when she threw the Chinese food in the trash can and knocked the trash can over… Because that shows anger management problems.

Like, bitch please, do not tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing if you…

I’m not sure what just happened but how the fuck did someone think I was bad mouthing Paige? Excuse me? I just said people are dumb for thinking Paige is horrible for being angry when she caught Emily kissing Nate. I’m like one of the biggest Paige fans out there. Do not misunderstand what I say because I’m already too far pissed off at Paige haters for ruining all the tags.

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